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Scott Barkan: Flightless Bird

flightless bird
Talent runs deep through the streets of Brooklyn, NY. From legendary songwriter Neil Diamond to 80s rocker Pat Benatar, there has never been a shortage of musicial ability in this artist haven. It takes more than just talent to step out from this pack, even for someone as gifted as Scott Barkan, who on

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What it means to be from Boston

lost in boston video
For anyone who lives in Boston, this week was one of the worst in recent memory. Quite possibly the worst ever. The joy and celebration of one of this city’s greatest traditions was destroyed in the blink of an eye as a bomb went off at the finish line of

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Hollywood… really, a song about equality

I always find it interesting when people hear a song we wrote and have their own take on what it means. Art, after all, is subjective. Take a recent review from a college radio station, who appeared to enjoy our new album, Lost In Boston, because it’s “easy to understand.”

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