Well, thought we’d share a quick update on the new album. We are in the final process of what’s known as “I-Annoy-The-Living-Crap-Out-Of-Our-Producer-Adam”, also known as creating a final mix.

Here’s the thing. For any songwriter, it is your hope that each song you write will eventually be born into the world as a little baby. From the first moment the idea pops into your head, ’til you grow the courage to present the new idea to your band and hope they don’t laugh and rip it to shreds, to the moment you step into the studio to record it, you have no real idea what your new baby is going to look like.

Once you’re in the studio, your baby begins to take shape. It’s given arms and legs–sometimes too many and you need to cut off a limb or two to get back to your original intent, or sometimes not enough, and you end up with a song that sounds like–EEK! … a demo. But eventually, you get the formation of a new life, also known as a completed tracking session.

Well, after you assemble a team of surrogate mothers whom you trust enough to deliver your baby into the world, there is still the final shock when the first mix arrives. Because sometimes your baby arrives in the world covered in blood and goo (occasionally even an errant placenta). And in the final stages of mixing, it’s important to clean your baby off in order to present it to the world in all its divine glory. If  you rush this process, your fans are going to smile and nod, and then secretly laugh behind your back at your ugly baby.

That was both deep, and gross, but necessary to explain why the f— our new record isn’t done yet. The baby wasn’t ready to leave the womb.

But it will be on January 24th, 2012.