walking backwards through the rain                                                                        
turned left and right again
anyway, that was where I found you

your blue lipstick slightly stained
your wedding dress driving you insane
everyone laughing at you
you should hear what they say…

so we walked down through park
bummed a cigarette from a rent-a-cop
everyone forgot all about you

spotlight on an empty stage
once was bright but now it fades
as the curtain falls all around you
you can still hear what they say…

who is she supposed to be
some kind of dirty freak?
who takes a lover and spits them out when she is done?
dammit girl I think you should
run back to Hollywood
at least you weren’t so lonely playing flip cup in the sun

rarely turns out like it should
some days are bad, some are good
once in a while they lay one before you

reached out and I took your hand
knelt down right there in the sand
for what’s it’s worth, I adore you
and who cares what they say anymore…

who are they supposed to be
some kind of freak police?
who think the Big Top is the only place where we belong?

dammit girl I think we should
run back to Hollywood
we’ll build a palace and play flip cup in the sun
oh-oh-oh  oh-oh-oh…

© 2012 Michaels / Reynolds / Brewer