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PSU-Top 10 Things Jeff Michaels Learned As An Emerging Artist.
November 9, 2011
By Pluginin

Singer/Songwriter Jeff Michaels formally of Even Elroy, is an emerging artist that I’m proud to say I invested time and energy into. He will definitely be one of the new generation of artist to benefit from today’s entertainment industry. Not just being talented in the tradition sense Jeff is a sponge when it come to understanding and incorporating new methods to develop his career. About a month ago I received a call from Jeff that he wanted to meet and chat which is always fulfilling. After that meeting I realized that Jeff was at the last stage of his personal development and that momentum is just around the corner. As a favor to me I ask Jeff to share his top ten experiences learned as an emerging artist with other emerging artists. When I received Jeff’s email with his responses I was pleasantly surprised to read that 6 points that he listed where subjects I strive to instill in Jeff during our coaching session.

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